Wonki Ware Etosha Medium


If you like to mix & match and love the uniqueness of something handmade then Wonki Ware is for you!  

Made in South Africa, the company employs and supports women from disadvantaged backgrounds by giving them new skills and in turn, creates the most beautiful ceramics. 

Each piece is completely one of a kind and in our eyes the beauty of it is its wonkiness! We're very excited to now be selling the range online, but due to each piece being different we're unable to upload a photo of each one. Instead we have listed the shape, all you have to do is choose the colour and we will send you one of the many beautiful patterns in your chosen colours. Photos are a guide only and specific patterns are not available to select as part of an order but we're sure you won't be disappointed.

Medium Etoshas are great for individual salads, nibbles or fruit. 

Approx 24 x 5cm 

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