Wellbeing Travel Candle Trio


Experience the joys of these bestselling scented candles with this trio of feel-good favourites. Hand-poured and expertly blended with 100% natural fragrance, each will help you with better sleep, less stress or a mood boost. 

Happiness Candle 
An uplifting blend of neroli, mimosa and lemon to help you feel brighter. Smells like a glorious summer's day, optimistic and warm. 

Real Luxury Candle  
A relaxing blend of lavender, jasmine and sandalwood to help bring a moment of calm. Smells like an armful of a thousand jasmine blossoms, decadent and indulgent.

Perfect Night’s Sleep Candle
A soothing blend of English lavender, chamomile and patchouli to help you unwind before bed. Smells like freshly cut lavender, tranquil and mind-melting. 

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