Botanical Candle Co | Winter Light Gift Box


The Winter Light Collection Gift Box is everything you'll need to help you through the short winter days. 

First Light is fresh and uplifting with eucalyptus and myrtle to help revive and cleanse the air. Light as the sun rises and help shake-off winter fatigue. 

Half Light is zesty and warm with clementine and clove. A nostalgic and emotive scent that's reminiscent of sticking cloves in oranges at Christmas. Ideal for bringing joy to your space as the sun goes down. 

Last Light is rich and spicy with cinnamon and rosemary. When the night sets in you can shut-out the cold and let this deep and comforting scent surround you. 

Three 180ml candles in amber glass jars with gold lids sit inside an archive style gift box. Packaged with recycled newspaper off-cuts to protect the candles and finished with a cotton ribbon. 

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