Botanical Candle Co Reed Diffuser | Late Summer


Late Summer captures the scent of those last weeks of heat and sunshine. When the fields are full of crops ready to harvest, the verges are high with crispy grasses and the earth is dry and sun-baked.
This spicy, complex scent is dominated by the exotic and sultry note of vetiver. Native to India, this fragrant grass has an unrivalled scent that is intriguing and earthy. Also included is the scent of petrichor, the pleasant smell of rain after a prolonged period of warm weather. The freshness is bergamot rind, geranium and cut grass give this scent an uplifting edge.

These handmade reed diffusers are perfect for any corner of your home. They deliver low maintenance scent that's flameless and long-lasting.

Blended by hand in Dorset and packaged completely plastic free.

100ml diffuser liquid, 8 rattan reeds, long lasting. 


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